(Italiano) Firma del protocollo di intesa tra ENAC, Fondazione e Comitato 8 ottobre per non dimenticare

November 14, 2019 – At the Directorate General of ENAC a workshop was held on “Assistance to the victims of air accidents and their families” as part of the activities carried out by the Authority to share with air transport operators, institutions and all sector players, aspects of aviation culture dedicated to assistance. The idea… Continue reading

Improve the safety of air transport through effective training and education

“Air transport is an extremely important industry, highly regulated, complex and multi-faceted, with many players working to achieve the highest levels of safety and efficiency.” hus the Director General of ENAC Alessio Quaranta, in his capacity as President of EATEO (European Association of Aviation Training and Educational Organizations), a European association that brings together organizations… Continue reading

Agreement for the prevention of computer crimes on airport management company information systems

An agreement was signed in Rome between the State Police and Assaeroporti, the Italian association of airport managers, for the prevention and against the computer crimes on information systems and services of particular importance for the country, such as critical infrastructures of national interest. The agreement, signed by the Chief of Police-General Director of Public… Continue reading