New president Adele Scarani Pesapane remembers Paolo Pettinaroli

“ We will continue to make our contribution to the world aviation institutions in order to improve flight safety and the protection of all passengers and workers. As always the Foundation’s contribute will always be ethical, sometimes critical, but always constructive. “

With these words, spoken at the conclusion of the religious suffrage of Paolo Pettinaroli, founder and charismatic leader of the “October 8th Foundation, 2001- to never forget”, the new president Adele Scarani Pesapane, has confirmed the firm will of the Foundation to continue with the task assumed by Pettinaroli, after the Linate disaster, to provide an independent and effective contribution to the safety of air transport.

” A daunting and difficult task, but, thanks to the authority of the task force, directed by the Captain Arturo Radini, has meant that the ‘Fondazione 8 ottobre’ has become in recent years one of the reference entities and the International Civil Aviation Authority, including the ICAO ” has stressed Adele Pesapane, placing emphasis also on the activities of the cultural and technical training of a group of young members and researchers interested in aviation safety.

Here below you can find a link to a tribute of Paolo Pettinaroli