The Foundation at ROMA DRONE 2015

The Foundation, through its Technical Task Force, led by Capt Arturo Radini, will attend the Rome Drone 2015, to be held at Urbe Airport from May 29th to 31st, 2015.

Our Foundation, at the forefront in the promotion of a culture of safety, will be scheduled with a seminar on May 31 from 02.30pm to 04.00pm with the following argument:

“Safety Culture and Drones – A still hard relation?”

Captain Radini will remember the importance of the culture of safety in all aviation fields, and the need for some specifical concepts should be introduced and be part of every path that relates to aspects related to the flight, although the remote pilot ones.

This workshop is a collaborative effort with “Volare Sicuri”.

We look forward to see many of you at Roma Drone next May 31st.

#safetyfirst #weareOct8th