Start of 2016: first activities report

Take a look at the numerous activities of the first part of 2016, amid new projects, development of collaborations and the important upgrade of our communication channels.
First focus on the Conference for the 15th anniversary of Linate’s tragedy: the Foundation is fully committed to the organization of this noteworthy event -Milan,28/10/2016- the first of a biennial series, which will focus on a specific topic regarding flight safety. Next news is the formal creation of a group, within the TFT, specialized in Family Assistance and Emergency Response Planning: this allows the Foundation to actively take part in national and international activities for the emergency response. Some examples: participation in the full scale Aerodrome Emergency Plan of Venice Airport, attendance at the second day of the Senior Instructors Course -Emergo Train System® in Bologna and at the ERP Workshop by FlyEmirates, as well as the participation in the Accident and Incident Response Prepardness Course at the University of Southern California. Study projects concerning Germanwings crash are ongoing, same as for the collaborations with specific entities (Anacna, Civil Protection, Cerchio Blu). In the end, good news also for the communication channel: after a full content review of the english version, this website now gives direct voice to Cpt. Arturo Radini (TFT Director) with the section “Director’s Message” and will keep the users updated with precise activities reports, a new Library of useful material and a great, direct link to Donations.

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