Crisis Intervention Course

Since October 2014, a continuing education course has been activated. This “Crisis Intervention” course aims to proactively train people involved in complex or high detrimental risk systems, building and/or perfecting a Crisis Management program suitable for specific logistic and operational needs, ensuring an adequate response to the event.

The course, based on the  Critical Incident Stress Management instrument, a prevention and crisis intervention protocol able to strengthen the organization’s intrisic resilience capability to react and go beyond the crisis, aims to train the “PEER” figure, with the international certification released by ICISF – International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and UMBC – An Honours University of  Maryland.

The participation fee of 350,00 euros (VAT incl.), not for profit, will be exclusively used to pay the royalties requested from American Entities which issue the certifications, to cover organizational costs as well as support and assistance interventions, as they are carried out for free.

The participation will be possible while available seats last. In any case, the activation of this course is subject to the minimum number of 10 participants, in order to ensure the best learning experience possibile (both theoretical and practical).

Next course will take place on 24 – 27 May 2016 at Fondazione 8 ottobre 2001 headquarter.

For any other information and/or request, as well as registration, we invite you to download the flyer of the course and/or to feel free to contact us directly:

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Ph. +39 02 88456685                                                    Ph. +39 331 8721135

The explanatory flyer of the course can directly be downloaded herebelow.