Paolo Pettinaroli Prize – first edition 2016 presentation

As announced in the previous articles, on May 4th in Rome the Prefectural Commissioner Tronca was awarded the “Paolo Pettinaroli Prize”, first edition 2016. As stated in the letter of assignment “The Prefect Francesco Paolo Tronca appears the only worthy to be the first assignee of Paolo Pettinaroli Prize. Moreover, the then Deputy Prefect of Milan Francesco Paolo Tronca was tasked by the then Prefect of Milan, Bruno Ferrante, to coordinate the interventions in favor of the families of the victims and therefore represents a concrete symbol both of the spirit and the founding principles of Paolo Pettinaroli Prize”.

Paolo Pettinaroli Prize was jointly set up by “Comitato 8 Ottobre – per non dimenticare” and “Fondazione 8 Ottobre 2001 – per non dimenticare” to honor the memory of the activities undertook and developed up to a position of international prestige by Paolo Pettinaroli, both for the preservation of the memory of Linate accident and for the objective aimed at improving air transport safety.

Photo: Prefect Tronca together with the President Adele Scarani Pesapane and Mrs.Giovanna Pettinaroli.