Aircraft accidents: emergency legal aid for families

Signed the agreement between the Milan Bar Association and Fondazione 8 ottobre 2001 – to never forget

Immediate, impartial, free, qualified legal assistance for aircraft accident victims and their family members: fifteen years after the Linate air crash, the Milan Bar Association chaired by Remo Danovi and “Fondazione 8 Ottobre 2001 – Per non dimenticare” headed by Adele Scarani signed an agreement to guarantee emergency legal aid for accident survivors, the family members of victims and all aeronautic professionals involved in a plane crash.

Established by the family members of the 118 victims following the Linate tragedy, Fondazione 8 Ottobre is based in Milan and cooperates with several of the leading international air safety experts and air crash investigators. In years of legal and technical battles, the foundation has always distinguished itself for the competence and impartiality of its role, acquiring an authoritativeness that is officially recognized today by the most important aeronautic organizations, including ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization that refers to the United Nations.

The agreement with the Milan Bar Association, which is the only one of its kind in Italy, provides for the creation of a list of specialized lawyers assigned to provide initial consulting services to aircraft accident victims, their families and all subjects involved. To ensure continuous updates on the subject, air transportation safety and emergency management have been added as subjects of study in the continuous education of lawyers through conferences, short courses, and safety drills, also in cooperation with other recognized professional associations and organizations.