6th Emergency Management for airports Summit 2019

As more people turn to air travel as an efficient means of transport, passenger numbers at airports are increasing. With this comes increased scrutiny on airport safety and security. Hence, it is paramount that airports ensure that they are always prepared to handle a variety of emergency situations such as aircraft-related accidents, fires, extreme weather conditions, CBRN threats, terrorist threats and cyber threats.

With a gradual increase in airport emergencies being observed, airports are proactively looking to ensure that they are prepared to respond to emergencies to prevent casualties, damage to property and economic losses.

Equip Global’s 6th Emergency Management for Airports Summit is an opportunity to hear from airport operators and aviation authorities on how they proactively plan for and manage emergencies at their airports.

Taking place from 10th to 13th September 2019, this summit will bring together key decision makers and experienced professionals who have successfully handled emergencies at their airports. They will be sharing more with you on the lessons learnt from handling emergencies such as aircraft fires, evacuation of aircraft and terminals, managing communications during a crisis as well as how to integrate the lessons learnt into their emergency response plans.

You can look forward to hearing practical case studies from various airports across the region on how they handle emergencies and take steps to minimize the impact of emergencies on their airports.