Agreement for the prevention of computer crimes on airport management company information systems

An agreement was signed in Rome between the State Police and Assaeroporti, the Italian association of airport managers, for the prevention and against the computer crimes on information systems and services of particular importance for the country, such as critical infrastructures of national interest.

The agreement, signed by the Chief of Police-General Director of Public Security, Franco Gabrielli, and by the President of Assaeroporti Fabrizio Palenzona, falls within the scope of the directives given by the Ministry of the Interior for strengthening the activity of preventing cybercrime through the stipulation of agreements with operators that provide essential services.

The Memorandum of Understanding will allow the airports concerned to enter into bilateral agreements for the direct and immediate sharing of information relating to critical information and telematic systems and services of the airport management companies with the territorially competent Postal Police Compartments.

The integrity and functionality of the IT network of the strategic level structures for the country are in fact guaranteed by the activities of the National Anti-Crime Information Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (Cnaipic).

Assaeroporti interacts with the Italian and EU government institutions representing the airport managers to ensure the development of the air transport sector and to contribute, among other things, to improving the quality and safety levels of the services offered by the associated companies, also through the adoption of measures aimed at protecting IT systems and telematic networks.