(Italiano) Firma del protocollo di intesa tra ENAC, Fondazione e Comitato 8 ottobre per non dimenticare

November 14, 2019 – At the Directorate General of ENAC a workshop was held on “Assistance to the victims of air accidents and their families” as part of the activities carried out by the Authority to share with air transport operators, institutions and all sector players, aspects of aviation culture dedicated to assistance.

The idea of this workshop was born on the occasion of the 40th ICAO Assembly that took place last September. Together with other European countries (first and foremost Spain), ENAC has promoted this initiative aimed at sharing knowledge, information and good practices among stakeholders, sharing experiences of national and international stakeholders that participate in the event, including delegates from civil aviation authorities and relevant ministries from Brazil, Spain and the Netherlands. The works were opened by Andrea Pacella, direct collaborator of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport and the President of ENAC Nicola Zaccheo.

On the subject of assistance, ENAC drew up a specific Circular (GEN 05) whose first version dates back to 2014. Italy was among the first countries in Europe to prepare an ad hoc plan, with the support of Assaeroporti and of the airlines operating in Italy, where ICAO guidelines are applied whereby Member States must ensure that all airlines registered on their territory have an assistance plan for the victims and their families, ensuring, between the other, the coordination between the actors who must implement this assistance.

The need to “create a system” and to develop coordinated procedures based on which there is knowledge of the roles of each operator, specific and specialized training depending on the roles themselves, and shared participation emerged strongly from the discussion. During the meeting, moreover, in order to confront other international experiences, a video of the American NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) was shown in which the management and activities of the American organization in the field of transport emergencies were illustrated.

On the occasion of the work of the workshop, which attracted around one hundred experts from the sector, the General Manager Alessio Quaranta and the President of the Foundation and of the Committee 8 October 2001, Adele Scarani Pesapane, signed an Agreement between the parties, to seal a collaboration established over many years, to identify possible joint initiatives, at national and international level, in training, study and analysis activities, aimed at the growth of the Italian aeronautical system on topics of mutual interest, including:

  • training activities, also intended for third parties,
  • organizational and technical-specialist support for regulatory activities,
  • technical-scientific services,
  • feasibility studies,
  • updating and professional retraining,
  • preparation and provision of seminars and conferences.

“I am sure that the work shared so far with the Foundation – commented President Zaccheo – which is already valuable for the results produced, can be further implemented in the future with increasingly higher and challenging common initiatives. The objective is to work together to increase the culture and the high value of the topic of assistance that ENAC, the 8 October Foundation and its Committee, united in the activities of dissemination of culture in Italy, in Europe and in the world. of security in the field of civil aviation ”.

The General Manager Quaranta highlighted “There is no activity aimed at the promotion and improvement of air transport safety, operator training and assistance to the victims of air accidents, started at national and international level that has not seen the Foundation and the Committee committed in the front line to support the ENAC which, for institutional mission, has the task of spreading, protecting and ensuring the safety of civil aviation. It is thanks to the contribution of all the people of the Committee and to the strong initial impulse provided by the founder Paolo Pettinarolie now continued by the President Adele Scarani Pesapane, that the ENAC has drawn up a document such as the GEN 05 Circular, taken as an example at international level “.

It is also known that ENAC is launching, together with the Sapienza University and with the support of experts from the 8th October Committee, a training course for its personnel in terms of assistance so that employees have knowledge and knowledge on a psychosocial level the procedures, methods of actions and communications that, in the event of a plane crash with victims, must be adopted immediately.

The meeting was attended by the Directors of the ENAC, Angela Stefania Bergantino, Manlio Mele, Alfredo Pallone and Luisa Riccardi, national and international experts also coming from Spanish, Dutch and Brazilian institutions. Speakers included Pierluigi Di Palma, President of the Demetra Study Center; Fernando Moreno, Head of the Assistance Area for Victims of Air Accident of the Emergency Unit, Coordination and Crisis Management of the Ministry of Transport – Spain; Kas E. Beumkes, Senior Policy Advisor Civil Aviation Directorate – Holland; Adele Scarani Pesapane, President of the Committee and Foundation 8 October 2001; Valentina Lener, General Manager of Assaeroporti; Luciano Neri, IBAR General Secretary; Giovanna Laschena, Deputy Central Manager of Airport Economics and Supervision; ENAC Crisis Room Manager; Marcelo de Souza Carneiro Lima, Operations ManagerANAC – Brazil; Fabiola Cardea, ENAC Personal Director.