Our dear Andrea Zipoli

With immense grief we greet our dear Andrea Zipoli who left us after a short but devastating illness.
Andrea, you will always be with us and you will be part of TFT with your advice and your collaboration, now special … and we will always hear you next .
Ciao Andrea
Adele Scarani Pesapane
He came between us discreetly and on tiptoe, almost apologizing.
Even his tone has always been calm, polite, almost in a whisper …
But, over time we have all requested great strength, determination, professionalism, balance, a deep aeronautical and safety culture and, above all, great spirit and generosity in spending oneself, as he did for the Foundation. It gives a great void, human and not only.
It was a reference for everyone.
I like to think of him now together with Vittorio, Paolo, Ugo, with the 118 angels for whom he is so busy. We are all grateful for the time you have been able to dedicate to us.
Happy journey, Zip.
Arturo Radini