Training of ENAC personnel for victims of plane crashes

Defined the objectives of the training project, the contents, times, methodology and resources, as well as the calendar.


The Department of Psychology of the Sapienza University of Rome, in the person of Maria Luisa Farnese, has developed the project for the training of ENAC staff on the management of victims of plane crashes.


In the document, here attached, you can find the project structure, organized in

  • general framework
  • objectives of the training project
  • contents of each training module
  • the participants
  • duration
  • the methodology
  • resources
  • the general program of each edition.


The program includes different presentations, divided as follows

  • Introduction to the path
  • The point of view of the victims (testimony on the experience of the 2001 Linate disaster)
  • The experience of the emergency for the victims
  • The management of the victims
  • The operators point of view.


Here is the calendar of training days 2020, before summer:

  • 18-19 February
  • 12-13 March
  • 16-17 April
  • 12-13 May
  • 10-11 June
  • 7-8 July


The family members of the 8 October Committee will speak on one of the two days with an intervention of about an hour.