A special thought to Serafino Cagnetti

Sorrowful, heartbroken and incredulous, we communicate that our dear friend Serafino Cagnetti passed away after a short illness.

Serafino was not only one of our most significant reference figures in the Municipality, he was a friend, a sincere great friend, always available, always ready to give us a hand.

We met in the distant 8 October 2001 and since then we have had under its protective wing, always following us step by step.

By advising us, helping us.

He was always present at every event of ours, at every event of ours.

His professionalism and competence was a guarantee for us and in the course of time, a deep friendship was unstable, which showed us not only with closeness, but also with sincere affection, with help and suggestions.

It has now been part of our large family.

He knew us all, I asked everyone for news and many, many times his presence, his advice and his help were precious to us.

He also felt somehow part of us.

Seraphim dear, you have been irreplaceable and your absence is an immense loss for us.

A pain that is renewed. A deep affection that will always live in us.

It is difficult to accept your disappearance.

We will always see you, somehow ….. at the anniversaries, at the ceremonies … punctual, impeccable, professional, competent, with your reassuring smile

And when I have some problem to solve, I will instinctively say: I call Serafino …. he will know how to do it.

You will be there … I know … with us always a … direct with your nice smile.

Hi Serafino, great and precious friend.