Are you ready for your “Morandi moment”?

October 8, 2001, Patrick Trancu receives the phone call that changes his life.

Thinking about the Linate disaster, the empty corridors of the airport, today he asks himself: why wasn’t that silence not filled with communication? Why didn’t anyone bother to spend words of welcome, affection, closeness?




Who is Patrick Trancu?

For more than 30 years he has been dealing with Corporate Communicator and Crisis Consultant at TT&A, the oldest independent public relations agency in Italy.


On February 15 of this year he took the stage of #TEDxBrianza with the aim of telling that “Open to” in a key of communication in critical moments, therefore “inspiring” a wider and different audience.

In this speech he “admirably expressed the experience, emotions and pain of that day …”, as Adele Scarani tells us on the website of the 8th October committee.

Thanks Patrick, we hope to organize a meeting soon too.