19th Anniversary of the Linate disaster

A special anniversary is that of 8 October 2020, as Adele Scarani, President of the 8 October Committee tells us, not to forget:

«Our day began with the outdoor Holy Mass at our Bosco.

I must say that the magnificence of the whole went beyond the best expectations, thanks to the direction of the sun and the blue sky that accompanied us throughout the morning.

A different mass we were used to … a little daring I would say, but indispensable in this very difficult year.

The fear was that time was not a friend, but instead, like every year, the sun shone and accompanied us.

Indeed, many of you were so favorably impressed by this unusual setting … the rustle of the leaves … our beech trees crowning the solemn moment, the songs that spread softly in the air .. . to wish to repeat this moment of recollection directly outdoors in our woods again next year.

For now we are satisfied to be able to meet again, many, many, and even if we have not been able to embrace each other again. and always, the eyes, behind the masks that hid our breaths, spoke for us and virtually brought the denied hugs ».


The day ended, as usual in these last years, at the Conservatory, a place that has become “dear” to everyone, for its hospitality and generosity.


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