Reform of the single sky, common European approach

BRUSSELS – “The ministers of the member states support the idea of ​​a reform of the single European sky and the German presidency would like to approve a common approach by the end of the year”. Thus the EU Commissioner for Transport, Adina Valean, presenting the plan for the single European sky to the MEPs, during a hearing at the Transport and Tourism Commission of the European Parliament. “With the pandemic we realized that the sector lacks resilience,” said the commissioner.


“We must improve the efficiency of air traffic and decrease emissions as stipulated by the green deal, address cost efficiency, eliminate capacity bottlenecks. and reduce delays “. The plan presented by the EU Commission on 22 September provides for a cut in emissions by up to 10%.


“When the reform, accompanied by the amendment of the EASA regulation for aviation safety, comes into force, it will allow us to cope with fluctuations in the demand for air transport and to also consider the impact of Covid-19 on the aviation sector “.


Once the proposal is adopted, according to the commissioner, structural changes for air traffic management will be possible towards the end of 2024.