November calendar of Enac training days

The training course for ENAC personnel on the management of victims of air accidents will be held on 25-26-27 November, in collaboration with the Foundation and the 8 October Committee.


We remind you that an important milestone was reached last November with the signing of the memorandum of understanding.


Now the Department of Psychology of the Sapienza University of Rome has drawn up the project for the training of ENAC personnel on the management of victims of air accidents, which includes:

  • General framework
  • Objectives of the training project
  • Contents of each training module
  • The participants
  • Duration
  • The methodology
  • The resources
  • The general program of each edition.


The program includes numerous interventions, divided as follows:

  • Introduction to the path
  • The point of view of the victims (testimony on the experience of the Linate disaster in 2001)
  • The experience of the emergency for the victims
  • Management of the victims
  • The point of view of the operators.


With regard to the point of view of the victims, therefore our testimony, those interested in participating can communicate it to the secretariat of the Committee, it is not necessary to be present on both days even if it is desirable.


Thanks to all for the precious collaboration.