Pandemic, chaos and questions for the future

LO STATO IN CRISI is the new book written by Patrick Trancu, Franco Angeli Editore.

The book collects the reflections and analyzes of 35 authors, including experts and academics, who questioned how the Italian state organized itself to manage a crisis and how it reacted to the challenge posed by Covid-19 in the first phase. Not a critique of institutions but rather a reflection oriented towards the future and the next systemic crisis. Which starts with a simple question: could Italy have done better in managing the Covid-19 crisis?


Patrick Trancu has been dedicated to security issues for years. Thanks to Lorenzo Mantegazza a collaboration with our Foundation was born a few years ago. Patrick has helped us several times in proposing and supporting our testimonies, making familiar participants, involving them in meetings in order to intervene in the intervention plans of companies involved in security, to avoid the mistakes made on that terrible day.


The book can be found in bookstores from 23 March and online. Enjoy the reading!


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