Degree Award in Memory of the Victims of the Linate Disaster

The award ceremony for the scholarship in memory of the victims of the Linate disaster took place yesterday, 21 July 2021.


The ceremony took place remotely and well in advance of previous years, both for the state of emergency Covid and for the commitments of the next municipal elections.

Here is what Adele Pesapane Scarani, President of the October 8 Committee tells us not to forget: even if remotely, the ceremony was moving and touching. A Roman engineer, Dr. Giorgio Zamboni, who was very happy and also a little touched, received the award for his  original, innovative and very interesting thesis. Dr Corvino and Dr. Galliano, of the municipality of Milan, were also present.

As always, the great work of selecting the theses was done by our dear Arturo Radini and Felice Cuzzilla to whom I renew my thanks and that of the whole Committee.


We also hope that the next edition will take place in the presence to be able to thank everyone, in the form of collaboration in organizing the event and thank the winner for the great work done.

Until next time!