October 8: National day not to forget

On 8 October each year, the National Day “Not to forget” will be celebrated, in memory of the victims of the Linate accident of 8 October 2001 in which 118 people lost their lives and as an opportunity to promote safety.

A path proposed by the President of ENAC State Lawyer Pierluigi Di Palma and by the Director General Alessio Quaranta and welcomed by the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini and by the competent parliamentary committees. The amendment was included in the conversion of the transport decree law, jointly by the Presidents of the Transport Commission of the Chamber, Mrs Raffaella Paita, and the Environment Commission of the Chamber, Mrs Alessia Rotta.

“With the establishment of the national day ‘Not to forget’, introduced through an amendment to the Transport Decree, the aim is to protect the safety of means of transport and the safety of passengers”. This was stated by Raffaella Paita, president of the Transport Commission of the Chamber, regarding the amendment presented together with the other rapporteur of the provision Alessia Rotta and approved.

“The date set for its celebration, 8 October, recalls the tragedy that occurred on the Linate airport runway in 2001. It is the plane crash which, with 118 deaths, represents the most terrible of the accidents that occurred in the sector. The institution of the day serves precisely to cultivate the memory of that dramatic experience not only for the tragic toll of human lives but also as a reminder of what must not be done to protect the life of the people transported. for this purpose, the possibility of organizing ceremonies, initiatives and meetings throughout the national territory to remember the victims of accidents and raise public awareness on the issue of safety in transport and the centrality of the value of the safety of passengers”, she concludes.