FSF Safety Forum – Brussels 30 June 01 July 2022

Team: Veronica Taliano, Italo Oddone, Paolo Migliavacca

The Safety Forum is a meeting that the Flight Safety Foundation holds every year in Brussels, as a guest of Eurocontrol, thanks to the constant activity carried out by Tzvetomir Blajev.


The theme that this year animated the Forum concerned sustainability, indicated by all as per apply in three areas: environmental, economic and social.


Ensuring sustainability means achieving certain objectives, such as reducing the production of carbon dioxide CO2, adopting behaviors, materials and technologies that make the entire air transport system more effective.


Like all changes, this too must be carefully evaluated with regard to possible problems related to flight safety.


To understand how sustainability and safety are interconnected, just think of the use of hydrogen as fuel or the introduction of propulsion airplanes, which must be managed differently than kerosene-powered airplanes.


Following the participation of the Committee and the Foundation in the Safety Forum, Veronica Taliano, a member of the Technical Task Force, will join the European Advisory Committee of the Flight Safety Foundation, a group in which many of the main personalities of the European world participate in the development of flight safety.


The activities carried out by the Committee and the Foundation October 8 – Per non Dimenticare, after the stop due to the pandemic, resume with the usual international momentum, to continue in the common commitment to improve flight safety.


Further information and technical documents  are available at the following web address: https://skybrary.aero/safe-sustainability-forum-videos-and-presentations