The speech of Pilar Vera Palmes at ICAO

With great pleasure we report the speech of Pilar Palmes,  friend of the Foundation, held last February 5th at ICAO.

In her important speech, Pilar explained as the victim of a plane crash is, who in addition to the severe experience of the disaster, has to suffer, for example, the inefficiency of the government, the indifference of the institutions and the pressures of insurances.

When the news is no longer on the front pages, the relatives of the victim, the survivor, feel abandoned.

In her speech, she also stressed the importance of the reg. EU 996/10, and that the next steps should be dedicated to the continuous implementation of the regulations and the changes needed in the aviation sector.

We are happy to report and share this thought of Pilar, which is entirely available, among the others speeches held at ICAO HLSC 2015 on this matter, at the following link from the website of ICAO: