Youth Project Introduction

The Youth Project targets -it’s easily understandable- young students from high schools and universities, as well as graduated and professional “juniors”. The initiative starts in a particular moment, characterized by great uncertainty, loss of values and lack of prospects, in which the new generations are expected to proactively contribute to a new and honest development of the society, not only the Italian one, with two specific purposes:

  • On the one hand, the continue dissemination of Aviation culture and Flight Safety culture, through the organization of different kind of initiatives such as: concession of degree awards, in collaboration with Milan Municipality; consultations for the preparation of thesis or projects; organization of study meetings in schools and universities; organization of discussions and moments of debate by using  digital channels and other means of communication, on various topics related to the air transport and its safety; etc.
  • On the other hand, the involvement of young and qualified professionals from -but not only- the aviation field with the Foundation, who with their knowledge and passion allow the Foundation itself to go on over the coming years with the indescribable work, for preciousness and recognition, carried out so far by  our “Founding Fathers”.